The New Art of Lighting Up
The revolutionary hemp wick dispenser that’s eco-friendly, convenient, and elegantly designed for an all new elevated experience.


The New Art of Lighting Up
The revolutionary hemp wick dispenser that’s eco-friendly, convenient, and elegantly designed for an all new elevated experience.

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Exclusive Designs Revealed:
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Experience the CannaWick Difference

convenience redefined

Keep your fingers clean with CannaWick’s Snuffer/Keeper lid! It shields you from soot and burns while being durable and perfect for everyday carry.


Thanks to its automatic snuffing feature, the flame extinguishes itself when it reaches the wick stand’s top. It’s convenience and safety rolled into one.


By selecting hemp wick, you contribute to fewer lighters in landfills. Consider the significant impact this simple switch can make.




CannaWick Hemp Wick Dispenser Deluxe Starter Sets

CannaWick Hemp Wick Dispenser Individual Dispensers

CannaWick Hemp Wick Cartridges, Single and Double Packs

Frequently Asked Questions


It provides a secure and reliable storage solution, safeguarding your premium hemp wick and preserving its cleanliness, all while eliminating any fire hazards.

The dispenser maintains its impeccable shape and boasts captivating artwork, seamlessly blending practicality with visual appeal.

Its design incorporates an inner lid that securely holds the hemp wick cartridge, which boasts an impressive 40 feet (12.2 meters) of premium hemp wick, protecting it from heat.

The outer lid serves as a versatile snuffer and hemp wick keeper, preventing accidental fires and shielding you from any soot that might dirty your clothing or skin.

Our hemp wick is exclusively sourced from Romania, a region with a rich heritage of producing the finest quality hemp.

It is then coated with all-natural beeswax, infusing it with the sweet aroma of honey, delivering a truly superior experience.

To house the hemp wick, we offer a Kraft paper tube that has been meticulously crafted from 100% raw wood pulp.

Similar to tree leaves, this paper naturally breaks down into cellulose fibers within a few weeks and can be fully absorbed by the environment, posing no harm to the ecosystem or human health.

Moreover, it can be recycled up to seven times, further underscoring our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

This eco-friendly choice enhances the overall quality of our product, showcasing our dedication to both excellence and the well-being of our planet.

Our CannaWick hemp wick cartridge is meticulously handcrafted while adhering to stringent hygiene standards, ensuring the seamless dispensing of clean, premium quality hemp wick.

The 3/4″ (20mm) metal wick stand of the dispenser facilitates the smooth passage of the hemp wick and effectively extinguishes any flames, preventing them from reaching the cartridge beneath the inner lid.

We strongly recommend extending and straightening the wick by about 2-3 inches (50mm to 75mm) before each use, and caution against keeping it lit for more than 20 seconds at a time.

When utilizing the CannaWick, especially if you’re alone, it’s advisable to place it on a flat surface.

Handling the lit wick directly is unnecessary; gently gather the lit hemp within the dispenser’s outer lid, then place the lid back onto the body for complete containment.

The lack of oxygen within the lid will promptly extinguish the flame while securely containing the “sooty” wick, preventing any risk of soiling your clothing or skin.

This eliminates the need to blow out the flame or smudge the wick with your fingers ever again.

The CannaWick dispenser presents an array of 10 vibrant and stylish designs, ensuring an option to suit every individual’s unique style.

Its cylinder shape measures approximately 1 1/8″ in diameter and nearly 4 3/4″ in height (30mm x 119mm), making it conveniently pocket-sized and easily stowed in a purse.

This allows for effortless portability and protection from the elements.

The dispenser is not only functional but also a guaranteed conversation starter.

CannaWick prioritizes fire safety as its core design and construction principles.

Manufactured with durable metal material, it guarantees longevity, shape retention, and impeccable cleanliness for your hemp wick.

CannaWick never melts and is equipped with a snuffer lid that instantaneously extinguishes the lit wick within seconds of being enclosed, ensuring containment from fire for optimal safety at all times.

Upon a thorough evaluation of CannaWick’s quality and attributes, its exceptional value becomes unmistakably evident.

CannaWick not only offers a generous 40 feet of premium hemp wick, boasting an impressively extended lifespan, but also outshines the offerings of any other hemp wick dispenser available in the market.

When compared to the inconveniences and potential fire hazards associated with using the wick ball alone or settling for suboptimal dispensers already present in the market, CannaWick undeniably stands out.

Furthermore, relying solely on a lighter not only contributes to significant landfill waste but also exposes you to inhaling butane and the potential waste of your valuable cannabis buds due to excessive heat.

In stark contrast to competitors who propose potentially unsafe paper and plastic alternatives or provide costly artisan glass options.

This leads to lacking essential fire safety features and/or portability, our commitment remains steadfast: the price of CannaWick delivers unparalleled value for our esteemed customers.

Should CannaWick fall short of your expectations, rest assured with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email to share your thoughts on CannaWick.

If you’re dissatisfied, you can return the unused portion of the product for a seamless refund process.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is further reflected in our dependable warranty and responsive support services.

The CannaWick consists of three eco-conscious components: 1) the dispenser, 2) the cartridge, and 3) the hemp wick.

1) The dispenser serves both as a functional item and a collectible with an attractive design that should be preserved instead of discarded.

If you no longer want to use it as a hemp wick dispenser, it can be reused and refilled with other materials of your choice.

2) The cartridge is constructed from 100% raw wood pulp in a Kraft paper format and adorned with soybean ink print.

Remarkably, it can be recycled up to seven times and is fully biodegradable – you can either toss it into your composter or your trash bin for eco-friendly disposal.

3) The hemp wick is sourced from the hemp plant, offering environmental sustainability through rapid growth, low pesticide and water requirements, carbon dioxide absorption, positive impact on soil health and biodiversity, and complete biodegradability.

Choosing hemp wick instead of plastic butane-filled lighters contributes to reducing the 350 million lighters that end up in landfills annually.

Additionally, it enhances the overall experience by avoiding the inhalation of butane.

Patent pending: CannaWick, an innovative concept featuring a fire safety lid designed to deprive oxygen from the flame, ensuring 100% fire safety reliability while placing a primary emphasis on protecting your hemp wick, is currently in standing with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) under the Provisional Patent status.

Additionally, it is currently undergoing the Non-Provisional Patent application process.

CannaWick represents a unique inventionmeticulously crafted to prioritize smoker safety, simplify hemp wick usage, and maintain its cleanliness.


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