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An incident involving a hemp wick ball ignited the passion of our founder, Carolyn Hwang, leading to the creation of CannaWick Hemp Wick Dispensers. One evening, an unattended hemp wick ball burst into flames. Fortunately, the vigilant barking of her dogs saved the day, highlighting the importance of fire safety and inspiring her to develop a safer solution.

Carolyn's dedication extends beyond product development. She passionately advocates for animal welfare and reducing harm to the Earth. Remarkably, her product directly addresses the significant issue of plastic lighter waste on our planet. By promoting hemp wick usage, she aims to reduce plastic pollution while offering a safer alternative for cannabis enthusiasts, fostering a more sustainable and enjoyable experience for all.

Thank you for visiting CannaWick! Your support is invaluable as we grow. We're confident CannaWick is the safest and most convenient hemp wick dispenser available. By choosing hemp wick, you're helping our planet and wildlife. Feel free to reach out with any questions or just to connect.

Wishing you kindness, peace and joy!

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Lighting the Path to Sustainability

Greetings and thank you for dropping by! Here at CannaWick, we are grateful for the chance to share our journey with you. Your support means the world to us as we strive to nurture and expand this small business. We're confident that you'll find CannaWick to be your preferred lighting solution – we firmly believe it's the safest and most convenient hemp wick dispenser available.

By opting for hemp wick, you're contributing to a positive impact on our planet, lessening harm to wildlife and Mother Earth. Should you have any inquiries or simply wish to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'll be sure to respond promptly. Wishing you kindness, joy, and boundless happiness.

Advocating peace & Kindness to All

PANGAEA products

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Our planet and the impact of plastic waste

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